NextGen Database Reporting Essentials


NextGen Database Reporting Essentials

This session will approach the problem of creating custom reports by working from the end-users perspective as well as the business decisions the reports will help make. Rather than diving directly into the table structure and relationships one needs to understand how the data will be used and the decisions that will be made to better understand why relationships exist and how data is organized throughout the NextGen database.

We will provide technical information on the table structures, table relationships, and data sets of the core applications that make up NextGen Ambulatory. This session will expand on the ONEUGM introduction preconference session that was given. If the current reporting tools within NextGen are not meeting your business needs then this seminar is exactly what you are looking for.


  • Identify table relationships
  • Identify and break down important data sets (demographics, clinicals, financials)
  • Break down common clinical data frameworks within modules
  • Dissect EPM report SQL tracing and other methods
  • Hands-on report creation project using SSRS (dashboard/scorecard/KPIs)

Specific areas of review in EPM will be:

  • Demographics
  • Person information
  • Appointments
  • Transactions/charges

Specific areas of review in EHR will be:

  • Patient header bar
  • How to find encounter specific information in template tables:
    • Documents
    • Pulling module information:
      • Immunizations
      • Diagnosis
      • Procedures
      • Problems
      • Orders

Dates Location Session Name Registration Link
February 7-9 Horsham, PA NextGen Database Reporting Essentials Register
June TBD Horsham, PA NextGen Database Reporting Essentials Check back soon

Access to the NextGen Success Community is required.

If you have any questions or would like this training to be done onsite please email: Jesus Vasquez, Technical Architect at

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