TCS DFT Charge Export


TCS DFT Charge Export

TCS DFT Charge Export is a charge interface that sends charges captured in NextGen Practice Management to another vendor over TCP/IP or by creating batch files.

To purchase the DFT Charge Export please submit a NextGen Healthcare Success Community request and we will provide a quote.

To download and install the latest version on your machine, click the INSTALL link below.

Download Latest Version:  3.1
December 8, 2016
Team Greene
December 8, 2016
  • Fixed SP for loading new charges regarding location filter and the date not being taken into account.
December 2, 2016
  • Added Right click option/command to the Re-Export command to force them to an Acknowledged state
  • Reworked the SQL to increase performance of the queries to find new charges to send.
  • Added the Peformance Monitor window to evaulate how long each export (new/updated/deleted) is taking.
  • Added new option to only include charges that have an age for performance reasons (may not be needed based on item #1, the reworked SQL)
  • The Charge/Export history window retains the last values when tabbing off and back to keep refresh times to a minimum.
  • History window only returns "500" (subject to change) rows for performance reasons.
  • Re-Export and Export now are disabled if the service is running, the service must be stopped in order to use these functions.
  • A nightly e-mail can now be configured to sent to the admins if unacknowledged charges exist (admin must fix the issue then re-send manually).
  • The EMail Test button is always enabled.
  • Fixed issue when a user modifies the SIM/CPT of a charge that was sent out to a SIM that is excluded (would re-send the same updated charge over and over)
  • Fixed issue with multiple admins setup to receive e-mails.
  • Fixed issue with only "Enabled" configuration are exported - was exporting all of them regardless of enabled status.
October 21, 2016
  • When checking for deleted charges, the encounter must still exist (can't be deleted)
  • Added indexes on the History Charge table, long load times when running against the ng.charge table.
  • Added debugging in ChargeExport.SendCharges
September 8, 2016
  • Fixed bug introduced in v2.4 when deleting charges.
  • Fixed bug when re-sending/exporting an encounter with charges where it would re-send/export other charges for the same encounter.
  • Added option to filter on encounter rendering providers, including a start date.
  • Added option to filter on Payer for only those that were included. This feature is mutually exlusive of the exclude payer.
  • Updated user guide.
July 21, 2016
  • Charge EID's now use the charge.emr_uniq_id replacing charge.charge_id. Rosetta when importing uses emr_uniq_id as the x-ref.
June 24, 2016
  • Added a date to the location filter. When a new location is configured (added to export), only charges for encounters (by billable date) on or after the configured date is sent.
October 27, 2015
  • Fixed saving the option for "Single Charge per MSH" and duplication issue related to it.
October 13, 2015
  • Fixed 1.7 due to not updating the version of the main project.
  • 2.0 = ICD 10 compliant
July 30, 2015
  • Mod override now supports two new options, ** = any modifier, !! = any blank modifier.
  • ICD 10 codes no longer have the decimal removed like ICD 9 codes
  • Added Alternate Visit ID on PV1 (practice + enc nbr)
  • PV1 19 (Visit Nbr) will pull vendor external ID first if present
July 6, 2015
  • Added more formats for FT1-7 (procedure code)
  • Allow customization of PID 3
  • Allow custom file extensions when exporting to disk.
June 24, 2015
  • Fixed the COB 1 exclusion (it was working opposite of what it should have
June 4, 2015
  • Fixed some EID issues
June 2, 2015
  • Added new filters for COB 1
  • Added a modifier 1 override
  • Added functionallity to autogenerate EID's
May 21, 2015
  • Added detail to ICD desc (code^desc^I9/I10)
  • Reordered HL7 to put GT1 and IN1 after FT1 segments
May 21, 2015
  • Fixed bug in not filtering on practice_id when getting new charges
March 31, 2015
  • Inital Release

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