Introduction to Advanced Database Reporting Solutions


Introduction to Advanced Database Reporting Solutions

Get insight into the architecture and logic model of the NextGen Healthcare database and how to successfully, meaningfully present information to users.

During this 200-level session, we will:
•  Review common existing reports
•  Demonstrate third-party options for extending reporting capabilities
•  Create custom reports specific to your organization
•  Leverage the power of SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 to run SQL queries for further analysis
•  Understand PowerBI

Now that you know what data makes a good report, we'll address HOW to make a chart that speaks to the audience. Data visualization is more art than science--learn the same rules pros use to create beautiful and informative charts for reports and presentations. Make sure your results are understood!

We'll also cover:
•  Proper use of color
•  How to choose the right chart style to represent your data effectively
•  What makes a chart or report easy or hard to read
•  Techniques to show off the main point to your audience

Associated files for this session can be found under the Resources/Training on the right-side: •  SQLParser58
•  PowerPoint presentation file

Additional information about a 3 day in person training seminar expanding on these topics can be found here:

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