UGM 2019 Presentations


UGM 2019 Presentations

Updated presentations and materials from UGM 2019 Courses presented by Jesus Vasquez and Mike Stillion.

The links below will direct you to class materials which may include:
•  Updated Presentation Files (PowerPoint)
•  SQL Server script files
•  Report files used by products
•  Instructions for installing and using these files

All PowerPoint Presentation Files, Sample Databases, T-SQL Scripts, Power BI PBIX files, and Installation Documentation are provided free of charge for instructional purposes only, and are not supported by NextGen.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, SQL Server and Power BI are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

  1. More Info How Practice Managers Can Successfully Navigate a NextGen Enterprise Upgrade
  2. More Info Introduction to Advanced Database Reporting Solutions
  3. More Info Managing Configurations and Customizations
  4. More Info PRECON1 - Introduction to Database Reporting Solutions
  5. More Info PRECON2 - Advanced Database Reporting Solutions
  6. More Info Steps to NextGen Enterprise PM, EHR, and ACE Upgrade Success
  7. More Info What’s New In Advanced Auditing?

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