Contract Utility


Contract Utility

The Contract Utility (CU) is a software tool developed by NextGen to assist clients in updating contracts within a NextGen Healthcare database. Contracts may be imported, exported, and/or globally updated.

The Contract Utility was formerly part of the Mass Update Utility (MUU) and is available to all NextGen clients at no-charge. This application requires the .NET 4.0 full version (not client profile) to work correctly

To download and install the latest version on your machine, first uninstall any previous version of the Contract Utility and then click the INSTALL link below.

Download Latest Version:  3.7.1
October 7, 2021
Team Cifuentes
October 7, 2021
  • Updated for KI196292 - CU needs to validate fee schedule information prior to import
  • Updated for KI196437 - Modifier percentages should not be greater than 100%
  • Provider Practice Payer Exceptions was not updating
  • Validation of Import file
CU 3.6.1
February 27, 2018
  • Fixed error in Importing New Contract. The contracts are exporting but on Import failed due sql error =. This was due to a new 5.9 field called Default CoPayOption
  • Capitation was not working for fee schedules.
CU 3.6
December 15, 2017
  • Made compatible with NextGen PM 5.9
  • Added New field for Contract Master Defaults in NG 5.9 Default Co-Pay Option
  • Added New Option on Export to NOT INCLUDE HIDDEN CPT4 codes
CU - Version 3.5.x
March 2, 2017
  • Added new tab - rename contract exceptions
  • 3.5.1 provider/location/payer update contract exception fix error
CU - Version 3.4.x
May 5, 2015
  • NextGen 5.8 UD2 Compliant (v. 3.4.00)
CU - Version 3.3.x
January 22, 2015
  • SQL Server Native Client 11.0 driver support (v. 3.3.6)
  • Modified Sig Event logging (v. 3.3.4)
  • Import fix - Default 'Allowed Amount' to 0 if left blank and '% of Charge' indicator checked (v. 3.3.3)
  • New Feature - Provider Practice Payer Exceptions (v. 3.3.2)
  • Ability to filter out unlicensed providers (v. 3.3.1)
  • Usability upgrade regarding logging. Reports all "Issues" or "Errors" at once instead of one at a time. (v. 3.3.0)
CU - Version 3.2.x
May 5, 2014
  • Critical Fix - Link Payer tab - Provider list now loading proper Rendering Providers (v. 3.2.23)
  • Performance fix on Link Payer tab - Payer and Provider list now load asynchronously (v. 3.2.22)
  • Improved Filtering Capabilities on "Link to Payers and Providers" (v. 3.2.20)
  • Import now calculates Facility and Non Facility Reimbursements if % provided (v. 3.2.20)
  • Resolved issue with truncated Required ICD Codes during Export (v. 3.2.18)
  • NextGen 5.8 compliance (v. 3.2.17)
  • Added Participating % for Facility and Non-Facility to Import and Export (v. 3.2.17)
  • During Import, defaulted "Percent of charge indicator" and "Facility percent of charge indicator" to "N" (v. 3.2.16)
  • Resolved 5.7 login error present in some environments (v. 3.2.15)
  • New option to Export Contracts with/without Exceptions (v. 3.2.14)
  • Resolved 5.7 / 5.6 compatibility Issue (v. 3.2.13)
  • Improved logging (v. 3.2.11)
  • Rendering Providers only allowed when "Linking Contracts to Payers and Providers" <br/> (v. 3.2.10)
  • Fixed issue with mixed case CPT®4 codes causing duplicate errors during Import <br/>(v. 3.2.08)
  • Fixed issue with Unlinking - Contract was not getting unlinked from Payer appropriately <br/>(v. 3.2.07)
  • Activity tracking added to aid in support resource allocation (v. 3.2.07)
  • Who/When improvements to log any changes to a contract at the contract level
  • Improvements in database connection management
  • New function for Import/Export of Modifier Reimbursements and Multi-Procedure Discounts
  • Added ability to 'Cancel' during SQL execution
  • Fixed issue with CPT®4 case sensitivity issues
  • Import Contract Defaults with Excel® 97-2003 improved
  • Fixed intermittent issue with Excel® 2007+ errors on Import

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