Contract Utility


Contract Utility

The Contract Utility (CU) is a software tool developed by NextGen TCS to assist clients in updating contracts within a NextGen Healthcare database. Contracts may be imported, exported, and/or globally updated.

The Contract Utility was formerly part of the Mass Update Utility (MUU) and is available to all NextGen clients at no-charge.

To download and install the latest version on your machine, first uninstall any previous version of the Contract Utility and then click the INSTALL link below.

Download Latest Version:  3.5.10
March 2, 2017
Team Cianos
CU - Version 3.5.x
March 2, 2017
  • Added new tab - rename contract exceptions
  • 3.5.1 provider/location/payer update contract exception fix error
CU - Version 3.4.x
May 5, 2015
  • NextGen 5.8 UD2 Compliant (v. 3.4.00)
CU - Version 3.3.x
January 22, 2015
  • SQL Server Native Client 11.0 driver support (v. 3.3.6)
  • Modified Sig Event logging (v. 3.3.4)
  • Import fix - Default 'Allowed Amount' to 0 if left blank and '% of Charge' indicator checked (v. 3.3.3)
  • New Feature - Provider Practice Payer Exceptions (v. 3.3.2)
  • Ability to filter out unlicensed providers (v. 3.3.1)
  • Usability upgrade regarding logging. Reports all "Issues" or "Errors" at once instead of one at a time. (v. 3.3.0)
CU - Version 3.2.x
May 5, 2014
  • Critical Fix - Link Payer tab - Provider list now loading proper Rendering Providers (v. 3.2.23)
  • Performance fix on Link Payer tab - Payer and Provider list now load asynchronously (v. 3.2.22)
  • Improved Filtering Capabilities on "Link to Payers and Providers" (v. 3.2.20)
  • Import now calculates Facility and Non Facility Reimbursements if % provided (v. 3.2.20)
  • Resolved issue with truncated Required ICD Codes during Export (v. 3.2.18)
  • NextGen 5.8 compliance (v. 3.2.17)
  • Added Participating % for Facility and Non-Facility to Import and Export (v. 3.2.17)
  • During Import, defaulted "Percent of charge indicator" and "Facility percent of charge indicator" to "N" (v. 3.2.16)
  • Resolved 5.7 login error present in some environments (v. 3.2.15)
  • New option to Export Contracts with/without Exceptions (v. 3.2.14)
  • Resolved 5.7 / 5.6 compatibility Issue (v. 3.2.13)
  • Improved logging (v. 3.2.11)
  • Rendering Providers only allowed when "Linking Contracts to Payers and Providers" <br/> (v. 3.2.10)
  • Fixed issue with mixed case CPT®4 codes causing duplicate errors during Import <br/>(v. 3.2.08)
  • Fixed issue with Unlinking - Contract was not getting unlinked from Payer appropriately <br/>(v. 3.2.07)
  • Activity tracking added to aid in support resource allocation (v. 3.2.07)
  • Who/When improvements to log any changes to a contract at the contract level
  • Improvements in database connection management
  • New function for Import/Export of Modifier Reimbursements and Multi-Procedure Discounts
  • Added ability to 'Cancel' during SQL execution
  • Fixed issue with CPT®4 case sensitivity issues
  • Import Contract Defaults with Excel® 97-2003 improved
  • Fixed intermittent issue with Excel® 2007+ errors on Import

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