Community Health Referral System v 2.x


Community Health Referral System v 2.x

The Contract Health Referral System (CHRS) assists Community Health Centers and Tribal Health Clinics with tracking healthcare procedures and payments related specifically to Native American and Alaska Native peoples. It is meant to ease the transition from RPMS to the NextGen Healthcare solution.

A License Key (sold separately) can be obtained by contacting the NextGen Healthcare Success Community, or by calling NextGen Healthcare Corporate Headquarters at (215) 657-7010.

Download Latest Version:  2.5.0
July 25, 2019
Team R&D
July 25, 2019
  • Software compiled against .NET Framework v4.5.2. This will allow it to work on Servers configured for NG 5.9.1/8.4 (which say they require .NET 4.7.2). .NET 4.7.2 impersonates .NET 4.5.2, so CHRS should work on new servers.
August 14, 2018
  • Attempting to get Version Reporting working properly.
Version 2.4.x
March 31, 2017
  • (2.4.6) FIX: Login showing exception preventing login
  • (2.4.8) FIX: Bill Editor was crashing if the Patient SSN was NULL.
  • (2.4.7) FIX: Creating a Referral no longer requires the Servicing Provider
  • (2.4.5) FIX: On Login window, selecting an ENTERPRISE change PRACTICES, and selecting PRACTICES changes LOCATIONS
  • (2.4.5) FIX: No longer shows ICD-9 codes
  • (2.4.4) FIX: Failed running certain DB update scripts when specific tables incorrectly detected to exist.
  • (2.4.2) Fix: Failed loading HOME Panel on Main Form on some 32-bit Windows.
Version 2.3.x
October 26, 2015
  • (2.3.28) Fix: Coundn't edit CHECK NUMBER or CHECK DATE when making batch payments.
  • (2.3.27) Fix: ICD selection controls were only checking for ICD-9 formats. Now accepts ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.
  • (2.3.27) Fix: Update Scripts didn't include VIEWS.
  • (2.3.27) Provider Management: Added "Import Providers From EPM"
  • (2.3.27) Provider Management: Removed "Import from CHRS v1"
  • (2.3.24) CHRS now sorts the contents of certain Drop Lists related to Provider Data using ALPHABETICAL order. Previously they were sorting by CODE.
  • (2.3.24) CHRS now sorts the contents of certain IHS Code Drop Lists related to Payments in ALPHABETICAL order. Previously they were sorting by CODE.
  • (2.3.24) CHRS was preventing the user from viewing Batches once they are PAID. Users can now view BATCH contents any time, but can only modify Batches if they are not yet PAID.
  • (2.3.24) The Obligated Amount was not being updated when using the automated Find Unbilled Items feature. This is fixed.
  • (2.3.24) CHRS now prevents duplicate Bill Control Numbers from being entered
  • (2.3.24) CHRS now prevents changes to the Bill Control Number once a value has been set
  • (2.3.23) Fix: NULL was interfering with Batch Creation. Fixed.
  • (2.3.23) Fix: NULL was interfering with the auto-populate BILL feature. Fixed.
  • (2.3.22) Users can delete Referrals that have no associated Bills
  • (2.3.22) Users can now delete Bills that are not paid nor in process of being paid
  • (2.3.22) Users can find CPT, ICD, ICD-E, ICD-V, and LOINC codes by typing matching words, rather than having to type the code
  • (2.3.22) More options added to Referral Listing Filters (All OPEN, All CLOSED)
  • (2.3.22) Referral Listing now shows FY of Referral
  • (2.3.22) Bill Listing now shows FY of Bill
  • (2.3.22) Payment Batch now shows FY of Bills contained within it, rather than the FY of the date the batch was created
  • (2.3.22) Account Selection is now restricted to accounts that match the FY requirements of Bills
  • (2.3.22) Several new IHS codes are available in Referral editor and Bill editor
  • (2.3.22) Referral now properly stores IHS codes, drop lists now properly chain (select one for another to be available)
  • (2.3.22) Creating Bills no longer makes user choose the type. All bills are now MEDICAL PROVIDER bills
  • (2.3.22) Creating Bills: Feature to automatically populate the BILL data from the existing REFERRAL data
  • (2.3.22) CHRS can use the IHS flags from NextGen for a patient, or update NextGen with the IHS flags as selected in CHRS.
  • (2.3.22) CHRS now checks for valid ICD/CPT code selections and warns users if codes may prevent IHS from reimbursing
  • (2.3.22) CHRS Shows more status information regarding Referrals, Purchase orders, Bills, and Batches - check numbers, batch numbers, bill numbers, payment amounts, etc.
  • (2.3.22) Create Payment Batches: Only Bills from a valid FY can be paid from an account restricted to a given FY
  • (2.3.18) Updated database table maps for use with LINQ.
  • (2.3.15) LINK TO OBLIGATIONS: Obligations that are already paid and linked to a different bill are shown in RED and displayed in the PAID group and cannot be checked/unchecked. Previously obligations that were already paid could be linked to a different bill.
  • (2.3.15) LINK TO OBLIGATIONS: Obligations that are already linked to another bill but not paid are shown in RED, but these can be checked to link them to a different bill if needed.
  • (2.3.15) LINK TO OBLIGATIONS: Obligations that are already paid are displayed in the PAID group and cannot be checked/unchecked. Previously obligations that were already paid could be linked to a different bill.
  • (2.3.15) Billing Section: The filtering is now active. The drop lists and FILTER button now function.
  • (2.3.15) FIX: Referral Window not showing totals for PAYMENTS and OBLIGATIONS when viewing a referral.
  • (2.3.14) Time to query and render Referral Listing greatly improved.
  • (2.3.14) Referral Section: The filtering is now active. The drop lists and FILTER button now function.
  • (2.3.14) Changes to existing EOB: Show Clinic/Location within report. Also only shows items that have actually been PAID (as that is the "benefit")
  • (2.3.14) New Referral Report for BMC
  • (2.3.13) Minor modification for Product Licensing issues with Proxy Servers
  • (2.3.13) Removed IHS HL7 Generation from CHRS
  • (2.3.12) FIX: CHRS incorrectly detecting TRIAL MODE as UNLICENSED APP.
  • (2.3.12) Updated installer to make Database Update files optional elements
  • (2.3.12) Updated Installer to make fonts optional install elements
  • (2.3.11) Modified installer so that database update install files not marked as CRITICAL REQUIRED, in order to help RDP users not experience startup errors.
  • (2.3.9) Link Obligation Form: The "Show All Types" checkbox removed. Always shows all obligations of the appropriate type now.
  • (2.3.9) Link Obligation Form: Shows Purchase Order obligations and CPT® obligations when linking to Provider Services Bills
  • (2.3.9) Referral Edit Form: Purchase Orders tab label shows "Purchase order" instead of "Meal"
  • (2.3.9) Link Obligation Form: Now shows Patient and Provider names when available
  • (2.3.9) Referral Edit Form: Label changed from MediCare to Medicaid
  • (2.3.9) Allows Proxy Server data to be supplied to gain access to the internet
  • (2.3.8) Fixed an issue that showed duplicate entries in Obligation Link window.
  • (2.3.7) CHRS now restricts Referral Creation and Database Update if the product license is expired or disabled
  • (2.3.7) Provider Management Refresh now correctly shows new Providers when added
  • (2.3.7) Link Obligation window now allows PO to be selected
  • (2.3.6) CHRS now recognizes users in the "CHRS Admin" group as CHRS Administrators, in addition to users in the "Admin", "Administrators", and "Supr Usr" groups
  • (2.3.6) Updated Licensing to allow re-instated License to function again
  • (2.3.5) Updates to correct errors with Provider Editor panel when using new databases
  • (2.3.5) Updates allowing correct access to ICD codes in 5.7
  • (2.3.4) Checks to see if newer versions of the app are available
  • (2.3.3) Minor administrative changes to help NG manage clients systems better
  • (2.3.2) Bug Fixes related to ICD codes in Bills.
  • (2.3.0) Addition of IHS HL7 submission report. Addition of 6 reports designed by THNC. Modification of Referral screen to show totals. Addition of new fields to support HL7 file generation for IHS.
CHRS can be downloaded and used immediately by NextGen Healthcare customers running NextGen Practice Management v5.6 SP1 or higher. It offers a 60-day trial mode during which time the product is fully functional. After the trial ends, the application will no longer allow creation of new work, but will still function and allow access to the existing information. Full functionality can be restored with the purchase of a license key.

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