NGExpert Install Checklist Wizard


NGExpert Install Checklist Wizard

The NGExpert Install Checklist Wizard is a tool that helps Clients install the NextGen 5.8 UD3 release. Its main purpose is to automate the Checklist used by NextGen Implementation Teams. The Wizard checks for numerous potential pitfalls that may interfere with a successful update such as User Privilege issues, Database Connection issues, ODBC Configuration issues, and more.

This utility does not require a license for use.

Download Latest Version:  1.0.72
May 9, 2018
Team R&D
May 9, 2018
  • NGExpert is preventing users of SQL Server 2008 / 2008 R2 from upgrading to 5.8 UD3. This has been corrected.
Release 2017
September 1, 2017
  • (v1.0.71) FIX: Changes in version detection required updates
  • (v1.0.70) FIX: NextGen is using the word PATCH to mean HOT FIX, so NGExpert now handles the change in Version Info
  • (v1.0.66) FIX: Updated to remove links to SalesForce, now uses links to SuccessCommunity
  • (v1.0.62) FIX: Extra spaces in NGConfig name/value pairs causing NGExpert failures when detecting configurations.
  • (v1.0.61) Fix: Stopped using HOMEDRIVE or HOMEPATH, started using USERPROFILE.
  • (v1.0.60) Initial Release of NGExpert

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