NextGen® Custom Template Console


NextGen® Custom Template Console

The NextGen Custom Template Console application identifies and compares the template objects. After applying an upgrade to your test or development environment, this application guides you through the process of managing their NextGen KBM customized templates for the production upgrade.

If you are being directed to this page when you launch the application, you will need to download/install the latest version. The version you are using is obsolete.

This product is intended to be used for preparing for the 8.3.11 upgrade only.

The console also:

  • Identifies templates that were modified, including the customizations made to the templates
  • Tracks changes made to the latest release of NextGen KBM templates
  • Identifies templates that need client attention
  • Manage and remove retired templates from all template sets and remove the ability for end users to use deactivated /retired old templates
  • Identifies templates that are ready for production without intervention

New to the 2.48 Release:
  • Improved “copied from” identification to include time zone matching on datetime fields.
New to the 2.46 Release:
  • Fixed error on Change Report when running 5.8 UD3
  • Charge Report now displays template activity
New to the 2.45 Release:
  • Improved performance on change report
  • Improved “copied from” identification
  • Add clean install templates to data repository
  • Add 8.3.1 thru 8.3.7 templates to data repository
  • Support added for GR release

This utility does not require a license for use. It is a free utility.

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