UDS Reporting from BPHC


UDS Reporting from BPHC

UDS Reporting from BPHC
NextGen UDS Report
Helping you with your BPHC 330 grant reporting since 2002.
We’ve moved! Our Success Community Product Page contains all product download, webinar information and documentation. Visit our UDS Reporting Product Page for more information.

Find more UDS information (including printable and online manuals) at BPHC's UDS pages
To purchase the UDS Reporting Tool, submit a case on Success Community.

Nextgen UDS Changes for 2016 Reporting Webex
UDS Reporting Tool changes for FY 2016
CHC SCT (System Configuration Training)
CHC CGT (Core Group Training)
UDS Reporting Tool (Training)

Register for the webinar on Success Community.
All supporting materials and documentation are located on the Success Community UDS Reporting Tool Product Page.
FY 2016 UDS Weekly WebEx Sessions (Complimentary)
Each Tuesday 12/6/2016 – 2/28/2017 at 2pm EST (except Christmas & New Year's)
Register for the status calls on Success Community
If you have purchased the UDS Report and have not already requested a license key, please use the UDS tool's menu item
Tools-> Licensing -> Request License.
If you need to update a license, please submit a NextGen Healthcare Success Community request

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