MS C1 - Power BI Reporting Part 1: Designing and Building your own Data Warehouse


MS C1 - Power BI Reporting Part 1: Designing and Building your own Data Warehouse

This session will cover key concepts regarding the design of your Data Warehouse (DW), which will become the core of your Power BI reporting solution. A Data Warehouse will be built during the presentation to demonstrate the points covered, including:

•  DW as the One Source of Truth for reporting data.
•  Understanding DW concepts such as Fact Tables and Dimension Tables, and how to properly store your data using this model.
•  How to build custom Dimension tables to improve your reporting capability.
•  Use Staging Tables to collect data from EHR.
•  Using Extract-Transform-Load processes (ETL) to prepare Staged data for use in the DW. This includes data customization, reformatting, and integration.
•  How to automate and schedule the ETL process, and how to use MERGE to collect only recent changes in EHR to improve performance.
•  Automating the ETL process using SQL Jobs and Stored Procedures.
•  Determine how “granular” your data tables need to be for your reporting needs.
•  Determine when to consolidate data in the DW, and when to let the Reporting Solution handle the consolidation.

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