12 Steps to Upgrade Success: Managing a Combined Release


12 Steps to Upgrade Success: Managing a Combined Release

This session focuses on the steps needed to successfully manage your way through the upcoming combine 5.9/8.4 release. These 12 steps are mirrored and expanded on within the Upgrade Plan document. This session is the keystone for success with NextGen Upgrades and highly recommended for all clients.

For more information visit: https://www.community.nextgen.com/articles/Hot_Topic/Product-Upgrade-Central

Associated files for this session can be found under the Resources/Training on the right-side: •PowerPoint presentation file

Additional information about a 3 day in person training seminar expanding on these topics (NextGen Combined Upgrade Management)can be found here: http://www.ncslive.com/TT_combined_upgrade

Any questions, concerns or otherwise can be emailed to jvasquez@nextgen.com

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